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Appalachian Heirloom Plant Farm and Seed Conservancy is located in Adams County on Route 136 just 2 1/2 miles south of the Appalachian Highway (Route 32). Appalachian Heirloom Plant Farm is dedicated to the preservation, education and use of heritage food crops from the Appalachian region. This region has a wealth of genetically diverse food crops not seen elsewhere. There are literally hundreds of unique family varieties of tomatoes and beans that have been passed down thru the generations but are otherwise unknown. Each spring we are offer a wide variety of heirloom tomato seedlings such as Black Mountain Pink, Grant County Pink, Granny Cantrell, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Vinson Watts, Virginia Sweets, Tiffen and many others. We produce our own seed stock each year for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, green beans, okra and many other unique Appalachian crops. Along with our own seed production, we grow and fill seed contracts of heirloom corn, bean and tomato varieties for small seed companies. We use low impact farming practices which includes adding compost, manure and natural mulch materials to our growing beds. Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are used very little and many of our crops receive none of these at all. We use no "restricted use" chemicals on our farm. Visitors are always welcome. http;//

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