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Dancing Bees Farm produces pure natural honey and honey products. We named our business "Dancing Bees" as honeybees perform various "dances" to communicate to other bees such things as where the best pollen/nectar sources are as well as directions to these sources! They do this all in a "waggle dance" designed to help the other bees make a "beeline" to the best pollen/nectar sources very efficiently. Our 36 acre farm has many sources of plant life for our bees to visit for our wildflower honey, including many Tulip Poplar trees, wild buttercups, and sweet clover. We think this gives our honey a very distinctive taste that our customers say takes them back to their childhood.! Many customers tell us it really helps their allergies as well! Visit us at: Matthews Community Farmers Market in downtown Matthews, NC. January - April 4th 8am - 10am April 11th- November 25th 8am - noon Contact us to schedule pickup of products at our farm store as well! Moisturizing beeswax lotion cups, honey wine vinegar, and a variety of hand-made beeswax candles and of course delicious honey! Our products can be seen on our website; Hope to see you soon!

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