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High-quality, clean & delicious 100% grass-fed raw milk from our herd of 12 cows is our main focus here at the Family Cow. The rich & nutrient-dense milk our cows produce is wholly different from the milk many (including us, before we became farmers!) are accustomed to buying in the store. It is a completely unadulterated product, straight from the cow- none of the natural flavors, minerals or nutrients are removed. The cows do all the work to make this remarkable product of bovine artistry - all we do is quickly cool down the milk to a safe temperature and get it out to you. We believe in producing healthy, delicious food for people in the most responsible way possible, and for us grazing dairy cows and distributing raw milk to our local community is our best answer to that belief. Becoming a shareholder with the Family Cow enables us to farm in a way that respects our animals, our landscape and our community (which happens to be the way we love to farm the most!), so thanks to all of you for that!

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