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Here at Duncan's Walnut Creek Farm LLC we breed, raise, and sell registered Red Wattle Hogs for butcher to individuals and to businesses. Occasionally we have breeding stock available. We are proud to announce that we are now a liscenced distributor of USDA inspected packaged meat products. All of our butcher stock recieve NO hormones, steroids, vaccines, or medecations of any kind and are fed only what they glean from the pasture and woods they roam in and the local grains we provide as supplument. This heritage breed is classified as "critically endangered" by the ALBC. Thier meat is considered by many to be among if not THE top pork in the US. Lean and flavorful one taste and you will agree. Our hogs are free range, pasture and grain fed. We DO NOT use farrowing crates or rings, and take pride in thier humane treatment. We now offer packaged meat including sausage, chops, roasts, and occasionally cured hams. [B] Our lean ground pork is an excellent alternative to hamburger and has quickly become a top seller.[/B] We can deliver or ship virtually anywhere in the lower 48 either livestock or meat products. Thank You for considering a heritage breed. Without a market these rare and amazing animals are in real jeapordy. We firmly believe that as word gets out and more Americans are exposed to the superior quality that an "old" breed retains, the demand for that quality will save them. As science tries to genetically engineer a lean hog, and commercial farms feed who knows what to grow one we have a field full just waiting for the health conscious consumer to serve thier family - the Red Wattle Hog. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and to place your order at (304)273-4843 or the E-Mail listed May your blessings grow larger than your dreams - The Frames

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