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Coyote Corners is a small, local owner-operated farm based in Reddick, FL. We are nestled in the quiet countryside just north of Ocala; horse capitol of the world. We began with just chickens and then added American Yorkshire hogs to our farm recently. We currently have four sows and one boar. Our desire to have a family farm started long ago; my husband and I met while working in the telemarketing industry and worked desk and phone jobs for many years together. As we added young children to our family, I stayed home to raise them while my husband began working for himself; still in the telemarketing field. Jump forward 4 years...a door opened for us to purchase a local, established chicken farm from a man wanting to retire. We took the opportunity and set to work. Rebuilding the barn and coops, establishing egg production, incubating eggs from birds we wanted to reproduce and making connections to be able to sell the volume of the layers that are in such high demand. Our chickens have 24/7 access to high-quality grain feed, are given free range access and occasional vegetable and grain treats. We have a large enough barn to house several hundred, but we are usually not that full. All our girls are comfortable and not overcrowded; we keep our layers for sale separate from our breeding hens. We then added four Cheshire white sows and one huge boar who are all set to have the first litter in March of 2017. We grain feed and vegetable supplement our hogs for a balanced diet. As time allows, we hope to expand to include goats, cattle, and sheep to our farm to provide as meat and raw milk products. Currently, we have the following available for sale: Chesire white piglets (we raise to slaughter weight or purchase to grow) Red Star sex link laying hens (10 months old) Chicks from 2 weeks to 2 months ~Americana ~New Jersey Giants ~Buff Orpington ~Rhode Island Reds ~Barred Rocks All the chicks are hand raised by us. We look forward to meeting people in the community, growing our farm and serving you in your poultry and pig needs! Bret & Lisa Coyote Corners Farm ~From Our Farm to your Family~

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