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Located in the northeasternmost corner of Oregon, Carman Ranch raises 100% grassfed beef and pastured heirloom pork using holistic ranching practices that regenerate the land. The animals are never given hormones, antibiotics, or additives. We finish our cows on a grass/alfalfa mix and utilize rotational grazing to ensure a consistent supply of fresh and nutritious feed. This method, combined with our herd genetics and pasture quality yields extremely flavorful beef that is exceptionally tender, delicious and nutritious, with less than 3% total fat and an omega 6 to 3 ratio of 1:1. The cows and pigs both live out their lives at home in the Wallowas and are harvested with compassion and care. Carman Ranch serves a growing market of health-conscious, ecologically aware, discerning eaters in the Northwest through a number of different channels including farmers markets; Carman Ranch Direct, a CSA-style buying club; health institutions and fine dining restaurants.

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