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We are a small, family farm located in rural Hughson. If you look at a map, we are half way between Yosemite and San Francisco. We have about 200 trees and have chosen to grow the Butte Padre variety. Although smaller than the more popular varieties, we believe the Butte Padre variety has a better taste. Another reason we chose this variety is because of their hard outer shell. Because we do not spray, the outer shell acts as a natural barrier from potential orchard pests. We do not use pesticides, weed killers or synthetic fertilizers. Although we are not certified as organic, we grow and harvest our nuts using organic principles. Because we are such a small farm, our family does all of the work. We harvest the old fashioned way, using minimal fossil fuels. We use light weight poles and tarps to collect the fallen nuts. We do not use the loud and dusty equipment used in a conventional harvest. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!

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