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Crescendo of Peace Farm is currently starting up in Doyle, Tennessee, which is roughly 70 miles due north of Chattanooga and 20 miles south of Cookeville, off of Highway 111, roughly between Sparta and Spencer. Our nearest town is Sparta, which is roughly six miles to our north. Our plan is to grow food crops, medicinal and culinary herbs and mushrooms, fruits and nuts, as well as tilapia and other food fish, using a combination of aquaponics, permaculture and forest farming. In the future we plan to add heritage chickens and other fowl, which will be pasture raised. Cori has two certificates in aquaponics and is currently taking the Permaculture Design Course as part of her personal program of continuing education. Cori has been interested in wild and heritage herbs and other crops for over twenty years, and has collected seed for nearly 200 food-bearing crops, nearly all of which are open pollinated, with only three hybrid varieties (which she plans to replace with non-hybrid types), and no genetically modified crops of any kind. Unlike supermarkets or large commercial growers, Cori selects varieties known for their excellent taste or nutrition, rather than keeping or shipping quality. You are almost guaranteed to come across foods and varieties you have neither seen nor heard of before. All crops will be grown according to the highest organic standards. Although the farm is not big enough to warrant becoming Certified Organic, and because the organic standards have been seriously compromised in recent years, we are planning for our farm to become Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) as soon as possible. Until then, we will provide the freshest and tastiest produce possible without any use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, or genetically modified components of any kind. CSA shares are available and produce and other goods will also be available at the local farmer's markets. Please email for further information.

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