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We are a small family farm located in central New Jersey. We have a nationally recognized and winning herd of Silver Fox and Americans. We have won multiple National Shows and have Best of Breed at 2018 Convention. I was second nationally in Silver Fox for 2017, first for 2016, second for 2015, 2014, also came in fifth in fur, nationally. The belief that animals should be allowed to exhibit their natural behaviors and raised without added antibiotics or other synthetics is why we go through the work of raising our own meat. We mostly raise food for ourselves but do raise extra to sell. We offer eggs, chicken, pork and rabbit for eating. We also offer breeding stock, hatching eggs, chicks, and started pullets. We buy our feed and hay from local NJ farmers. NOW TAKING 2019 PIG SHARE DEPOSITS. Rabbit fryers 3.5 lbs. to 4 lbs.$6/lb. Rabbit Dog Biscuits $10 1/2 lb. Taking reservations for 2019 PIG SHARES Check out the pig page. For sale are mixed cartons of brown and blue chicken eggs. $4.00 per dozen. For sale are duck eggs. $7 per dozen for jumbo and $8 per dozen for ex-jumbo. Rabbits: We are breeding rare heritage American, and Silver Fox and Havana rabbits. Ask for availability. Check out some information on the Ark of Taste website about Americans, and Silver Fox, Breeding Stock: Americans-$60- $75, Silver Fox-$80-$125, Havana-$50 Rabbit Fryers or roasters: $6/pound Rabbit manure for sale: 25 lb bag-$5, you load your truck for $30! Chicken manure is also available but it would have to be composted first.

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