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Cheese Acres is a small family owned and operated chicken farm. Our chickens largely free range and are supplemented with all natural feed. When not free ranging they are fenced in a 3/4 acre grassy and wooded area. They are loved and cared for as pets with a perk- beautiful and nutritious egg! We have the heritage breeds Rhode Island a Reds, and Buff and Black Orpington's, and Barred Rocks. We also have black and red sex links, and a few Ameracaunas. We welcome you to visit. Please email or facebook message for an appointment first. We can also arrange a drop off/pick up for you to get eggs. We also have seasonal produce such as green beans, peas, potatoes, squash, peppers, and blackberries. Eggs are $3 a dozen and are all L - XL Produce prices will be at or lower than current farmers market prices.

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