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Situated on a ridge above the rolling hills of Cazenovia,Wisconsin, Firth of Fifth Acres is a 30-acre homestead focused on pasture raised sheep, pig, duck, chicken as well as fresh, chemical free vegetables. From our land management choices, utilizing the bio-dynamic products of Mid-West Bio-Ag, to our livestock care philosophy, our small homestead works toward a farming model that puts family and community first. We raise a variety of heritage breeds of sheep breeds for fleece and meat. From our registered Shetland sheep to our vigorous crosses, our goal is strong healthy sheep with outstandingly soft fleece and healthy, low cholesterol meat. Our sheep are entirely grass-fed. Our pastured chicken and duck groups follow our sheep in pasture beginning at 5 weeks. Their natural diet is supplemented with the soy-free, corn-free organic feed custom mix created for us from Mount Tabor Mill. Our small group of KuneKune provide rich pasture-based pork. They are supplemented with the same mix from Mount Tabor Mill. Our stock is vaccinated exclusively through Crystal Creek Homeopathics and during times of illness are given herbal and/or homeopathic treatment first. Our garden is completely chemical free and is managed through companion planting, herbal pest management and beneficial insect stocking. We generally have breeding stock, chickens and eggs as well as raw wool available throughout the year. Lamb for the family table is offered summer and fall of each year. Pork is available by reservation. Our gardens are seasonal. We invite you to contact us for our farmer's market schedule and/or to inquire about our CSA program.

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