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Pick your own Blueberries from late June to early August sold by the pound. Lots of big fat berries. We would love to be organic, but we can't quite do it. We follow sustainable practices but cannot quite claim that we are entirely organic. We have about 3.5 acres of blueberries, Bluecrop, Blueray, Coville and Elliot. We have one row of thornless blackberries we are experimenting with. So far we have not had to spray for any insect, but the migration eastward of the spotted wing drosophila may change that in the near future. We also have very limited amounts of honey from bee hives right here on the farm. So sweet. Our pest management decisions have our bees welfare as a primary consideration. We have a small planting of cut your own Christmas trees. Mostly white pine, and a few scotch pines. Call for hours or check our website before coming out.

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