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All Things Alpaca, LLC is owned and operated by The Rev. Kimberly Buechner Fouse. The business is located in Cold Spring, Kentucky (greater Cincinnati, Ohio). It isn't surprising that as sisters, Kimberly Fouse and Julie Verhelst would discover the same love - these wonderful camelids from South America. Kimberly and her husband Dick purchased their first alpaca in 2003, from Sunny Meade Alpacas - a champion bay/black female named Dexter's Peruvian Lily. Lily remains the foundation of their growing herd that lives in Swanton, Ohio, on sister Julie's farm. All Things Alpaca, LLC has a diversified herd of top national huacaya bloodlines. View our current sales list on or In response to life-changing circumstances, Julie Verhelst (Kimberly's sister), forever the designer and creator of anything novel, came up with a new use for all the alpaca fiber that had been collecting in her basement for eight years. Not only had she found another way to diversity the farm (Sunny Meade Alpacas, Ltd. in Swanton, Ohio), but she would develop a source of extra income to support herself and the farm. Hence, the birth of All Things Alpaca, LLC, and its first endeavor, bird nesting balls from alpaca fiber. No fabulous idea becomes a reality without a promoter and a plan for implementation. Enter Julie's sister Kimberly Buechner Fouse (Alpacas of the Covenant, Inc., Cold Spring, Kentucky). Julie and Kim represent the best of what partners bring to a new venture. Kim, an alpaca breeder herself, shared Julie's love for these delightful animals, and knew that it wouldn't be enough just to sell a few nesting balls to friends. Having been a nursing home administrator and as the owner of an existing geriatric care management company, Kim brought the business and entrepreneurial experience to move Julie's creation to the next level. In January, 2009, All Things Alpaca, LLC became a reality and an application for a patent for the nesting ball was completed. In December 2014, the "Alpaca Fleece-filled Bird Nesting Ball" became a registered trademark. And in September 2016, the Nesting Ball became patented. The Alpaca Fleece-filled Bird Nesting Ball is sold throughout the United States, in Canada, and in Europe and directly from All Things Alpaca, LLC.

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