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Deerfield Market is our Mobile Farm Market we bring to town featuring a full line of fruits and vegetables. During the growing season our trailer is loaded with our home grown vegetables produced on our farm in South Solon OH in the southern tip of Madison Co. Our 12" deep black Kokomo soil will grow almost anything we seed on it. Since we carry around 75 different types of fruits and vegetables weekly, we are your one stop farm market where you can purchase local vegetables and get the others you would have to stop at the supermarket for. All at competitive prices. We grow over 100 varieties of vegetables from Asparagus to Zucchini, but emphasize on Tomatoes, Hot Peppers, Sweet Corn, Melons, Potatoes and Latino ethnic items. We produce our own plants in 3 greenhouses, have on farm coolers, wholesale to stores and food establishments. We also produce some ornamental plants and seedling trees. This year we will be again growing free range chickens and brown eggs. We implement a strict IPM strategy using some of the following: plastic mulches for weed control, disease resistant varieties, precise irrigation and fertilization, use of organic products when available and proper crop rotation.

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