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This is our fourth year of production. We are dedicated to flavor, freshness, and above all, quality. Currently, the farm services multiple local restaurants, local grocery stores, local schools, and The Franklin Street Bazaar. We are excited to share our weekly selection of herbs, flowers, and produce with you. The farms are located in Elberfeld and Oakland City. We follow a regenerative, all natural approach. Though not certified, we follow organic or better protocols whenever possible. We aim to be good stewards of the land. All seed used is non-GMO. All seed is certified organic whenever available. This year we will be breaking new ground and constructing cold frames for fall and winter production. Please consider experiencing and enjoying our seasonal produce menu. We are happy to be offering a meat add-on this year to our CSA shares. Laughing Labs in Kentucky, has pastured raised, no hormones/anti-biotics, all natural chicken and pork.

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