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Cobalt Farm was started in 2015 in Rochester, NH. We strive to create quality products that are affordable to all consumers. Because everyone deserves local food! We seasonally raise turkeys, broilers, cattle, and pigs. Selling both cattle and pigs for you raise! Beyond animals we also sell a wide variety of produce. Please call for updated prices and availability. Turkeys are raised for Thanksgiving and are raised 100% on pasture and supplemented with grain to provide them the added nutrition the pasture may not provide. Please pre-order. We get very few extras in! The cattle we raise are both beef and dairy cows. We will soon be offering dairy based products, please contact us for more information. We also raise registered Belted Galloway's which provide excellent pasture conversion, winter hardiness, and beef with an average fat content of 2%. Creating lean, tender, and incredibly healthy beef. The pigs we raise are registered Duroc's a high quality breed producing quality pork. "Duroc meat is clean and crisp. Its taste and texture are polished and easy on the palate. Duroc pork is a standard - not too fatty, not too lean, not too strong - but is certainly more flavorful than its factory farmed cousins. In fact, Duroc genetics were used in the foundation of the pig industry, which gained momentum in the 20th century.(" This easy to handle breed loves being outside eating all the great items nature puts in front of these rooting animals. The farm was started by Kim and Chris Garcia and operate gratefully on Meader's Heritage Farm. Utilizing new ideas and old traditions we strive for all our animals to live as nature intended.

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