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Retreat to Deep Spring Farm for organic wellness in north central Florida springs heartland. We share your passion for earth centered living that unifies community. Source life bettering outcomes through retreat, organic food + flowers, gatherings, skillsharing. Custom Retreats: Immerse in the peaceful, private, mysterious, ancient, natural beauty of the spring pond farmscape. Garden | Forest bathe | Hike | Water recreation | Yoga swing | BYO Picnic + drinks pack in pack out | Waterfront platforms | Weddings| Tours | Photo shoots | #hammock #meditate #birdwatch #sketch #journal #nap #ecotourism #agritourism #leave no trace #do what you love Custom design personal + group retreats Book Mindful Body classes + sessions: Yoga Bodywork Massage MA67017. Hire Services + Facilities + Equipment upgrades. Coming Soon: Farmstead refreshments, Overnight farm immersion camping. Food + Flowers: Farm garden sales available exclusively onsite by RSVP. Organically produced seasonal vegetables | U pick blueberries June + more | U cut flowers | Mason jar floral herbal bouquets | Reach out to volunteer work exchange. Coming Soon: Cottage kitchen refreshments, nursery plants Events: Community gatherings + celebrations featuring live music, craft food + bev, zero waste. Connect with tastemakers practicing kind compassionate action on behalf of people and planet. Skills: Experiential, hands on learning lab workshops: sustainable living, environmental restoration, farm + nursery systems, organic gardening, greenhouse hydroponics, farm to table cooking, farmer sustainability stress reduction, mindful body: breath + movement + massage. What do you want to learn + practice? What do you want to teach? Michael and Leela Robinson founded Deep Spring Farm in 2014 with a plan to pattern the farm after nature as a place people want to be. The plan emphasizes freshwater ecosystem restoration and permaculture design elements that welcome interaction. The farm seeks to reinvest and give back: to nature, to community, to future generations of earth keepers. The farm collaborates with regional producers, vendors, consumers in a local sustainable food movement. Collaborations share information and resources and inform policymakers, conserve biodiversity and productive land, protect water quality, support local food vendors, and sustain farmer livelihood. Many hands keep people fed and make organic farming sustainable. Your participation, patronage and contributions are essential to bridge the gap between value generated and compensation. Email / text ahead to come see what is growing on. Subscribe to be the first to know newsworthy updates: Our choices make an impact. Let's leave a legacy of sustainability in our wake.

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