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Bunch Farms is located in the heart of Miami, in an old, small agricultural neighborhood, a green gem within the big city! We specialize in local raw wildflower honey production. Bunch Farms pure raw honey is our most prized product! Our honey comes from our various native and exotic plants and fruit trees in our gardens. We love our bees, therefore, we strive to provide them with rich and diverse nectar sources throughout most of the year! Diverse nectar sources are responsible for the variety in taste and color of our delicious honey. Depending on the season and the main flowering source, the taste and color of our pure raw honey changes with the seasons. Naturally, honey is full of vitamins, minerals, and pollen grains from these various blooms and, when consumed regularly, it helps with the allergies and strengthens the body's immune system. Our mission is to supply our consumers with fresh, pure raw wildflower honey which is harvested in a chemical free environment and is never heated or pressure-filtered and, therefore, has not lost its beneficial properties. Here, at Bunch Farms, we take pride in our product and are very pleased to say that our honey is 100% US made. In addition, we went the extra mile to make sure our queen-line glass jars, lids, and labels are all American made as well! We are passionate about what we do and love to share our experience and knowledge with everyone! Presentations, lectures, workshops, and career days are all equally inspiring to us. We strive to educate our local communities about the important role of the honey bees as pollinators of our food, the life of honey bees inside the beehive, and the differences between honey bees and other native insects!

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