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Farm in the DEL is a defunct dairy converted to a pig farm (though we breed and raise Guernsey cows), and is located in a scenic valley of Beaver Creek in South Central Missouri where we raise antibiotic and pesticide free, pasture fed, free range pigs, which are a hybrid cross breed of Hampshire and Old Spotted. We do not follow the practices of other free range farms, which use electric fencing to keep the animals in lots of pasture, moving them every few days. Our pigs are given the use of the full 200 acres of land we have, fencing only used to keep them from going onto our neighbor's properties. In the Spring, Summer and Fall, they eat mostly grass, lespedeza, acorns, roots and grubs. They are fed small amounts of grain in the evenings to keep them returning to the center of the farm. This year we are growing pumpkins, squash, watermelon, and sweet potatoes to help feed them through the Winter. We use the European standard for treatment of animals, and our pigs are cruelty free, loved and given lots of "nubbins" (belly rubs). We have chosen a butcher who uses, in our opinion, the most humane method of slaughter. All meat is USDA inspected, vacuum packed, and deep frozen until delivery. We prefer to sell only whole hogs. If you want only a half or quarter pig, you will need to find someone to split the meat with. We are not set up for visitors, but you are welcome to come and visit, if you wish (careful, we might put you to work). However, it is very primitive here, so b.y.o.t.p. and hiking boots! Price is $3.00 per live weight pound, or $4.50 per hanging weight pound.

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