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In the heart of Michigan's rich farmland and tall woodlands lies a quaint sugarbush owned and operated by the Henson family. Doodle�s Sugar Bush, LLC combines modern technology and state of the art equipment to produce some of Michigan's best maple syrup. Their attention to detail and their love for nature combines to produce a maple syrup with superior taste and color. Pure maple syrup is an agricultural product produced only in the spring from the sweet sap of the sugar maple tree. The sugar maple is found only in the northeastern region of the North American continent, making its gift of pure maple syrup a treasured and valued product. Here in Michigan, as winter turns to spring in March and April, trees are tapped and sap is collected. The sap is then "boiled down" to syrup density over a roaring wood fire. About 40 gallons of sap is required to make one gallon of syrup. Quality control is of utmost importance in providing you with only the best nature has to offer. Maple syrup is only one of the sweet delicacies of �sugarin� Doodle�s has to offer. They also make a variety of other maple products such as: Granulated Maple Sugar, Candies, Creams, Sauces, Seasonings and other tasty treats. Their attractive packaging and high quality product will not only tempt your taste buds with a unique �taste of Michigan�, but also will make a great gift for that special someone.

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