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WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS FOR OUR 2017 FARM SHARE PROGRAM Details here: Brunty Farms is a pasture-based, sustainable farm located in Bath Township in Akron, Ohio and Montgomery Township in Ashland, Ohio. We specialize in all natural, clean, pasture raised eggs and meats. On our farm you will have the oppurtunity to purchase pasture-raised poultry, including chicken and turkey, in addition to fresh chicken and duck eggs, pork, lamb, and beef. All of the animals are raised to the highest standards, always fed non GMO grains, and never given any hormones or antibiotics. Our mission truly revolves around revitalizing the land, our community, and the local food system. Check out our website for product information, pricing, and how to buy: We look forward to seeing you soon! KNOW YOUR FOOD, KNOW YOUR FARM

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