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Double K Farms is a small, family-run farm which is certified organic by the State of Iowa. The farm consists of two, distinct operations. The field crops, overseen by Andre, comprise the majority of the tillable land, amounting to about 30 acres. Last fall, we introduced two acres of aronia berries along with clover and orchardgrass for hay on the rest of the land. We hope to add a few more acres of aronia berries this year. Aronias are the new superfood, some even say they are a cure for cancer. Liz manages about two acres of vegetable and fruit gardens, garlic and potato fields, sweet corn, wildflowers and herbs. She specializes in having many varieties of tomatoes and peppers, many of them heirloom varieties. She ran a CSA in 2008 and loves to have families out to visit and see her operation. Educating the young (and old alike!) about choosing healthy, organic, local food is a passion of hers. Because of our distance from Omaha (almost two hours), we learned that a CSA is not as viable as other forms of selling our produce. We sell the items that do best on the farm, namely, fingerling potatoes, garlic, squashes, fresh and dried herbs at Omaha's Year 'Round Indoor Farmers' Market -- Tomato-Tomato. We are also working with restaurants in Omaha to grow items that they would like to have on their menus. Double K Farms also works with a cattle rancher who produces natural, antiobiotic-free, hormone-free, grass pastured, corn-finished beef. The meat is butchered and flash-frozen and available by the pound in Omaha, Nebraska. Liz also works with another farmer in the area who raises free-range chickens for their eggs. Since only about a third of the farm is planted, we enjoy the forest and wildlife on the rest of the farm. We have a feed plot to attract wild birds (especially pheasant and turkey). We are bordered by a creek complete with beavers (and their dams!). And we have a one-acre pond stocked with fish and adorned with countless varieties of dragonflies, frogs, and plant life. In addition to the farming, we are building a small community of eco-friendly houses on the property in the tradition of a Russian "dacha". In addition to the main cabin, there is a sauna/shower outbuilding, two barns, a compost center, a wood bin, a future art house, a playhouse to be, and gardens, of course. We'd love to show you our little slice of heaven!

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