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At Bethany Farm we strive to grow the cleanest most healthy food possible on the land that God has given us to steward over. We do this by rotating as many plants and animals as possible across our acreage. All while never using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. At the heart of our farm is a small herd of A2/A2, 100% grass-fed, mid-size jersey bovine. Our herd size ebbs and flows, but we most always are milking 3 beautiful cows that bless us with that superfood known as raw milk! Our milk is nutrient dense with all the enzymes and vitamins still in tact, along with the high CLA content that results from a cow that never touches any grain. CLA is known to improve heart health and to aid in weight loss. Our cows are also laboratory tested to contain A2/A2 milk protein, which has been studied to improve digestion. We test our cow's milk once per month to make sure bacteria levels remain in check and to ensure our cows health is at its peak. We also raise heritage pigs such as mulefoot, tamworth and berkshire. Our pigs are raised in the woods on acorns, hickory nuts, raw milk and are supplemented with local non-GMO grains. The grain ration for our pigs is fermented wheat, barley and milo with very little corn and almost no soy. This diet helps to improve the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids to a more favorable position, with that benefit then passed on to the fat/meat and then to the person who consumes that fat/meat. Pastured poultry is another animal group that we raise here on our farm. We raise both hybrid and heritage poultry, as they both have their place on our table and that of our customers. We love the old fashioned egg laying breeds such as barred rocks, Rhode Island reds and black australorps for their forage ability and good mothering skills, along with the deep golden yolks that their eggs have. We also appreciate the Naked Neck heritage breed for both its large eggs and its most delicious skin for that quintessential southern favorite, fried chicken. We also raise several hundred cornish cross hybrids for the obscene amount of breast meat they provide. Our chooks are raised on pasture for meat and the woods for eggs and are given all the non-GMO grain they want. They also receive a healthy share of milk and whey for improved nutrition. We also raise turkeys for the holidays. In addition to our local homegrown fare, we offer a co-op program where we work with Amish farmers in Wisconsin to acquire hand crafted, artisan products such as jams, jellies, sauerkraut, raw cheese and maple syrup. Please visit our website to join our email list and to get all the latest news and happenings on our busy homestead!

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