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At Back to the Farm we raise and breed heritage poultry and grow market produce. We are not certified organic yet, but our gardening methods are similiar to organic production. Our chickens are kept in chicken tractor style enclosures on pasture year round. Our main breeds are Delawares, New Hampshire Reds, Partridge Plymouth Rocks, Buckeyes, and Barred Plymouth Rocks. In addition to these heritage breeds, we also raise Partridge and Birchin Cochin Bantams and BB Red Old English Bantams. We maintain all of our own breeding stock and we do not buy hatching eggs from other breeders to fill orders. We are currently taking orders for baby chicks and will begin hatching in early march. For produce, we grow both heirloom varieties and non-GMO hybrids. For the 2010 season, we will be marketing our products through a broker/CSA operator. We do not currently operate a CSA.

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