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From a field of war to a field of sheep Dot Ranch is a veteran owned and operated small, sustainable ranch in Scio, Oregon. Here we exercise family farming at its finest with heritage breeds of sheep and poultry. Specializing in some of the oldest breeds of livestock in America, Dot Ranch provides quality pasture raised poultry and organic lamb from Slow Foods recognized breeds such as the unique Navajo-Churro Sheep, Mottled Java Chickens, and other heritage breeds gaining recognition such as Black Copper Marans chickens and Muscovy Ducks. We provide fleece and fiber products ranging from raw wool to organic, vegetable dyed handspun yarn, as well as unique American Indian crafts created by tribally enrolled members. We also provide locker lamb, USDA inspected cuts of lamb, fully processed chickens and ducks from an ODA inspected poultry processing plant, and farm processed chickens and ducks. Eggs for table and hatching can be ordered on a case available basis, and we're proud to supply live poultry from chicks to pullets of our show quality rare ALBC listed chickens. Like beef? We have limited availability of organic locker beef is available on demand from our heritage Irish Dexter Cattle.

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