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Our community supported agriculture refills your refrigerator with farm fresh produce each week! large tomato, rich shallots, bountiful carrots, sweet strawberries, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuces, herbs and more are yours! Harvest and Delivery CSA produce is harvest, by hand, Thursday morning. Baskets are delivered the same day at The Market at Agriculture Heritage Park in Auburn. Hours are 3 to 6 p.m. Address: The Market at Ag Heritage Park 925 Camp Auburn Road Auburn, AL 36849 Pricing Baskets of produce are $30 each. We provide market quantities of each product we harvest that Thursday morning. How we grow your food. Eagle's Harvest Produce is a passion project. We believe in wholesome and locally grown produce provides the very best food for our community. I grow with no pesticides to provide safer produce. We believe in responsible stewardship of our lands. Commercial agriculture consumes 51% of land in the United States. We grow on a unused 1/8th acre plot of land. We strive to keep cost low. Mechanized commercial agriculture equipment is expensive and the cost is passed on to you. We work hard by hand with hand tools to till the earth and grow hand-raised produce for your betterment.

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