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I own the last orange grove in Rialto, California. I have rejuvenated the 10-acre grove planted by my grandfather in 1907, added more than 400 new fruit trees (over 200 varieties), and am also growing many types of vegetables on my farm. I have 26 varieties of plums, 18 varieties of peaches, 11 varieties of plum crosses with other varieties of stone fruits, 6 varieties of apricots, 6 varieties of nectarines, 19 varieties of apples, 8 varieties of fruiting mulberries, 650 asparagus plants, 20 cherry plants developed for mild-winter climates, etc. I am selling produce at the fruit stand on my grove, am selling large amounts of produce to colleges and universities, will be selling at farmers markets, and will be exploring other methods of marketing my fruit. I give free farm tours and would welcome people interested in an internship.

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