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BMP Farm, LLC, is proud to be a small farm located in the heart of Mid-Missouri just five miles north of I-44 near Rolla, Missouri. This privately owned farm produces grass-fed and finished Belted Galloway Beef for sale to family, friends and health conscious consumers. We also specialize in raising and selling registered black and white Belted Galloway breeding stock. Some refer to the "Belties" as the "Oreo Cookie" cows, as they are black with a distinctive white belt. Our freezer beef is available for sale. The best pricing is available when purchasing this nutritious grass-fed beef by the split side (quarter equivalent consisting of both front and hind quarter cuts), half or whole beef. Our breeding stock is registered from nationally recognized bloodlines for the Belted Galloway breed. We use no growth hormones. Our cattle are grass-fed and finished on pasture with fresh water and care daily!

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