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***Please see our updated Coronavirus pick up options below*** Gilcrest Natural Farm is dedicated to producing delicious, high quality foods. We specialize in pasture raised chicken and beef, free range eggs and some occasional heirloom vegetables. We do not use any synthetic pesticides, growth stimulants, hormones or antibiotics on our pasture, gardens or for our livestock. We grow great food in nature's backyard. Please go to our website to sign up for our weekly newsletter. This will let you know what is happening on the farm, what markets we will be at each week and what products we will have with us. You can also call us to come and see the farm. Pasture raised chicken and beef are available year round. We have whole chickens, boneless/skinless breasts, split breasts, leg quarters, wings and chicken livers and chicken stock supplies. Our beef cuts include steaks, roasts, ground/chop, all natural hot dogs and deli products, and lots of other good stuff! See our website for a complete product list, All our meats are locally processed and vacuum wrapped.

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