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At Evandale Farm, LLC, our production methods aim to model natural ecosystems. We source inputs locally whenever possible, generate and reuse on-farm resources, and aim to produce zero waste. We rely heavily on the principles of permaculture, integrating human and agricultural systems with natural ecosystems. We see sustainability as a lifestyle choice and we intend to honor that principle in everything we do here at Evandale Farm. Our animals are fed local and certified organic foods and have constant access to pasture, where they eat fresh grasses, legumes and insects, and can scratch and bathe in the soil and sun themselves. They perform multiple functions on the farm: improving soil, managing landscapes, recycling waste, eating ticks, keeping mice and other predators at bay, creating fertilizer, and feeding the farm occupants. They also bring us joy! We currently produces eggs, whole chickens, pork by the animal or by the cut, vegetables and small fruits for sale. We collaborate with other local farms both by providing chicken to vegetable CSAs, and by working with Fair Share Permaculture ( We believe that at our scale, we can be more resilient through collaboration.

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