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Here is our story: Back in the 80's my husband George was involved in building and managing a pork confinement operation in northern Michigan. At that time it was believed that foraging animals could not efficiently harvest what the land could grow and provide. So they were placed in confinement structures while the land was worked to efficiently produce the feed needed to grow livestock. 30+ years later we are letting our animals work our land and forage and harvest what they need. We believe this is the way it was always meant to be. We have created an environment and lifestyle for these heritage bred pigs that reflects the way pork is produced in Spain since the 1800's. Our pigs will be allowed to forage thru our oak savannah's, where there is an abundance of acorns, beech nuts, tubers, roots, wild herbs and legumes. They will also have a free choice of supplemental feed consisting of a vegetarian non- GMO diet, no antibiotic and no hormones. They will be allowed to sleep under the stars and roam free like their feral ancestors. In late autumn they forage all night under the full moon, living their lives similar to the famous Iberico pigs, exercising their bodies and minds every day. It is chronicled that healthier animals make for better table fare, healthy and happy without stress. Pork produced this way has healthy levels of the omega 3's. In parts of Europe they refer to these renowned Iberico pigs as "olive trees on the hoof". This is a meat product that is well marbled and has a unique taste. In Spain this pork is anticipated year around which is harvested in late fall and early winter. This is a seasonal product. Locally Raised Direct From The Farm Made in Michigan Forest Fed Pasture Based Heritage Breed

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