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We here at Cranky Carls farm, have a philosophy that it is possible to raise healthy, chemical free food at an affordable cost to you and your family. We think you'll find our pricing very competitive with local grocery stores, and although we are slightly higher, its well worth is when you know you are eating only naturally raised food, not to mention the unbelievable difference in flavor. We have a strict policy of feeding only natural feed to all our animals. We feed only non gmo grains and alfalfa, and supplement with natural kelp and worm with natural DE. During the spring and summer months we free range all our poultry, and all the birds get raw dairy milk, which makes the eggs and meat taste amazing. The pigs are kept on pasture except for an occasional time in large open pens for breeding or farrowing. We make every effort to make sure our animals and happy and each animal is checked daily. ONLY animals meeting strict health requirements are offered for meat. You can be sure any meat you buy was never exposed to antibiotics, chemicals or gmo feed. What we grow: LARGE BLACK HOGS RED WATTLE HOGS ORGANIC POULTRY ORGANIC GARLIC VEGGIES EGGS BERRIES.

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