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At Grandma's House you can expect to find top quality baked goods and farm produce. That's because Grandma Gail and Grandpa Carl want to serve only the best. Grandma bakes mostly breads and pies, muffins and scones, on Fridays or to order, so they are fresh when you pick them up. New this year: we are selling MICROGREENS, tiny plants harvested to garnish your recipe, to mix in salads or put on top a sandwich. It's also called "vegetable confetti"... a great name because it's FUN food, delicious and nutritious, too. Because we farm naturally, we never use chemical pesticides nor herbicides. Our food is safe to eat that way! Our two hoop-houses help us to extend the growing season so you can expect to find early and late crops being offered, and plenteous seedling plants in the spring. We maintain our farm-stand at our location and our booth at the River Valley Farmers Market. In the late summer and fall Grandma and Grandpa have a line up of jams, jellies, pickles and relishes to garnish your table all winter long. Are you longing for that slice of homemade bread loaded with Maine Wild Blueberry Jam? Call Grandma's House Bakery & Gardens right now and you'll be happy you did! You can request a price list menu at any time. Grandma says, "Don't forget to eat your veggies!" And try some microgreens, too!

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