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Brookford Farm is a diversified farm that offers nutritious food for your entire diet. We offer 100% grass-fed dairy products, beef and lamb, certified organic vegetables, pasture raised pork, eggs and chicken, lacto fermented products and aged meats. Our cows eat a 100% grass based diet of forages and grass crops, as nature intended. Our cattle graze on our pastures and are raised without antibiotics. They are moved frequently to provide fresh sources of high quality forages. Seasonally their diet is supplemented with minerals, dry hay and bailage. Our hogs free range on the pastures and forest, foraging for a portion of their diet. Their active lifestyle combined with a natural diet supplemented with whey and New England, non-GMO grain produces exceptionally flavorful and tender pork. Our vegetables are certified organic. Our poultry flocks spend much of the year foraging on pastures and are fed with organic grains. Brookford Farm offers a year round CSA with many distribution locations through out NH and Northern MA. Our products are available for home delivery, pre order pick up, at farmer's markets, retail locations and through our CSA program. For a complete listing of locations visit We welcome any and all for farm tours.

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