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Ararat Farm is a family farm located in the mountains of Lee County, Virginia, dedicated to raising the healthiest, best tasting grass-fed beef, woodland pastured pork, Grass-Finished Bison, GMO and SOY free chicken you can find! We practice holistic management so that we can better steward all life on our farm, from the microbes under the soil to the animals eating the grass. Our cattle and Bison are intensively rotated through the pastures to ensure they always have access to premium grass and forbs and allowing plenty of regrowth time for the grass. Our pigs are rotated through a combination of pasture and woods to allow them to forage to the fullness of the ability that God created them with. Our broiler chickens are rotated daily through our fields to provide them with a fresh salad bar and are supplemented with a GMO and Soy free feed. We have been proudly providing hormone- and antibiotic-free meats to customers for 10 years now. We sell the beef in bulk (quarter, halves, and whole) two times a year (spring and fall). We sell the pork by halves and whole in the summer (to take advantage of the grasses) and the winter (to take advantage of the fall acorn crop). We offer select cuts of Beef, Bison and Whole Chickens directly off our website. We use a local processor to butcher the meat, so it is frozen hard, labeled, and vacuum-packed when you get it. We welcome our customers to come visit the farm and see how their food is raised. Please contact us to get more information about ordering or about our farm.

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