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Chase'n Eggs Farm Fresh Duck Eggs For Sale: Dozen for $7.00 **NEW** Fresh Goose Eggs For Sale: Dozen for $15.00 **NEW** Bundle Deals: Half/Half Dozen Goose and Duck Eggs (12 Eggs Total) $20.00 Chase'n Eggs Farm is a family-operated farm committed to selling farm fresh free-range duck and goose eggs. Please note, these are eggs for EATING, they are NOT Fertile. These are Farm Fresh, Dry Washed eggs. Meaning they do NOT have their NATURAL Protective Coating removed. They do NOT have to be refrigerated. They can last for 2 months without being in the fridge. -Always Fresh -Superior Quality -Rich Flavor -Great Protein Content We ensure the costs of the eggs is featured in our product. All eggs are always fresh and packed with protein and nutrients. All of our ducks and geese receive exercise by walking the farm each day with guaranteed baths before they go to bed at night. The ducks live on cracked corn and grass pellets to produce the great tasting eggs. Chase'n Eggs Farm guarantees fresh duck and goose eggs year round.

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