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Alpacas of America (AOA), since 1984, proudly offers heart healthy grass fed alpaca meat. Alpaca meat is one of the worlds healthiest red meats [23% Protein, 2% fat (1.7g/3 oz. meat), high in Omega 3, CLA and Vitamin E]. Eaten for thousands of years by the Ancient Incas and currently a traditional meat and delicacy in South America. It is gaining popularity with health enthusiasts and food connoisseur in homes and restaurants throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Alpacas are now recognized as high quality livestock. Our 1400 alpacas, the largest herd in North America, are naturally raised near Tenino, WA. on a beautiful 1740 acre ranch. The ranch has a variety of habitats consisting of 350 acres of prairie grassland, 50 acres of oak woodland, 300 acres of rolling hill upland grassland with the remainder in forest. The alpacas are rotated on 61 large fenced pastures for optimum grass, legume and forage management affording the alpacas a high quality diet and life Alpacas are earth friendly, low soil impact (large padded feet), pelleted feces and high feed converters. AOA produces and sells Breeding Stock, Fleeces (fiber) and Alpaca meat. The taste of grass fed Alpaca meat is similar to grass fed beef with some saying the flavor is between Lamb and beef. They graze on grass, legumes, forbs, and browse which provides a complete natural balanced diet. We very much admire and respect our alpacas, and humanely harvest non breeding males that have had a quality life. We strongly support and practice Organic Ranch Management and sustainable local farming and sales. Research Data on Alpaca meat Nutrient Value is available on request. We currently have Ground Meat, Rib Chops, Loin Chops and other cuts available. Local delivery available. For more information or ordering contact us.

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