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We operate a small heritage farm here in Silverwood, MI. We raise Tamworth, Large Black Hogs, and Gloucestershire Old Spots on pasture. Our pigs glean over 80% of their nutrition off of grass and are only supplemented 2lbs of 15% hog feed per day during the months when the pasture is readily available. In Michigan, thats about 8 months out of the year. In addition to the grass, our pigs also enjoy a heavy diet of all natural foodstuff generously donated by our friends and neighbors here in the community. A bounty of apples, walnuts, pumpkins, pears and pulp are supplied by a network of supporters to help us provide our hogs with a diverse and healthy ration. This in turn helps us provide our customers with a final product that you would have a hard time finding anywhere else. The pork from these heritage breeds, raised with love in this natural stress free environment is not easily replicated. It is truly heart healthy and much more flavorful than anything you would ever find in the grocery store. Pork should never be "the other white meat". Each of the breeds we raise bring different qualities to the pork they produce. For instance, the tamworth hogs are heavily muscled and beautifully lean, producing some of the best bacon you could find anywhere in the world. The Large Black Hogs, being a fattier pig, produce a meat that remains juicy and unctuous throughout the cooking process. The micro-marbling of the Large Black Hog and the Gloucestershire Old Spots will leave you gnawing the meat off the bone, before you even realize you are doing it. We raise both purebred and cross-bred pigs to provide different qualities and attributes to the pork. It is truly a culinary adventure! We offer breeding stock as well as pork, because we wholeheartedly believe it would be a terrible loss to see these beautiful creatures further diminish. In addition to these majestic endangered hogs, we also raise Icelandic sheep, Icelandic chickens, Muscovy ducks and Australian Shepherds. As our farm continues to be blessed with growth we will be adding wool, fiber, and other products from our sheep, as well as mouth watering grass-fed lamb next season. We will have a few ducks available between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, so please reserve yours today!

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