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Fred's family on his father's side were from virginia, and settled in the esparto, california area in the 1800s, while his mother's family, from spain, settled in california later, in the 1900s. In the 1940s, fred's parents brought the first angus cattle to yolo county by train, and operated this ranch growing angus cattle, and later adding fresh market apricots. Fred and alice took over the family business around 1980, and have worked hard building the quality beef herd. They specialize in providing calve-ease bulls to other cattlemen, that is, calves with low birth weights (easy births), yet they grow large and heavy at weaning and as yearlings. As fred says "you want them to come out little, but to hit the ground running!" double-bar-o ranch is owned and operated by fred and alice manas, where fred raises his natural grain-fed beef for direct marketing to consumers. Our farm specializes in grain-fed angus steers for high quality meat that they sell direct to the consumer. They keep a closed herd with virgin bulls to sell to other cattlemen for breeding, which keeps the herd free of disease

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