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Buck Creek Land & Cattle LLC Paducah, TX. Beef, Chicken, Eggs, Wild Pork & Lamb Buck Creek is a third generation family farm near the small town of Paducah, Texas*. It is a place that means family, heritage, health, country living and taking care of the land we've been blessed with. Buck Creek was born out of the desire to establish sustainable grass farming practices on our farm. Our efforts were focused on producing better, more sustainable grass on our place and to provide clean meat that is not just healthy but delicious to eat & raised by Texans for Texans. Our meats (BEEF, LAMB, CHICKEN, EGGS & WILD PORK) are home grown right here in Texas, raised on grass with no grain, no hormones, no antibiotics, and FINISHED on grass NOT grain. Our calves are selected for slaughter between 20 and 27 months. This more mature animal allows for the meat to marble "finish" unlike younger animals. Because of this, our calves will be larger in size and will marble well giving you a better tasting, tender product; many of our calves will grade "choice" which is fantastic! Like in many �fine� restaurants, after slaughter our beef is aged between 14 and 21 days, depending on the weight of the animal, to create an even more tender product with an even more �beefy� flavor. The chickens and eggs are raised at Buck Creek running free on our pastures. Hens utilize a mobile coop and chase bugs, seeds and the grass they wanna eat without restriction & they lay beautiful large brown eggs. The �meat� chickens are raised on grass and moved daily so that they always have access to fresh pasture. Any supplement feed is soy free. Our neighbors raise the lamb locally and around Texas and they are only ever fed grass and momma�s milk out on the free range �they are delicious! Our pork is the ultimate in sustainable free-range pastured pork as they are actually wild animals. They are free to eat the best grass everyday and because of that, their meat is scrumptious and super healthy for you! We capture them and only select the best female animals so the meat is mild with a slightly nutty flavor �beats the heck out of store bought pork! Our meat is sold by the cut/pound, package, subscription & primal (qtr, half, whole)�check out our website for more info. We are proud of our heritage and of our beef. We are certain that you'll be proud of your purchase and knowing that you are serving your family the absolute best! Sincerely, Richard & Mona Gregory *Sold throughout DFW & Texas Buck Creek Land & Cattle, Richard and Mona Gregory. Mailing address: 16 Meadowcreek Drive, Melissa TX 75454; Farm: 358 County Road 233, Paducah TX 79248. (806) 683-2590.

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