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My wife and I along with a close friend and partner started the Adirondack Beef Company several years ago, because we had a sincere interest in producing and marketing our own livestock and meat. The Adirondack Beef Company was born by our desire to produce high quality naturally raised food while allowing us to keep our farming operation viable and sustainable for the future generations of our family. We chose natural production because we have two young children and wanted them to grow up healthy and strong eating nutritious food raised with our own hands. We use no antibiotics or growth promotants with any of our livestock and were natural long before it was in vogue. We are very conscious of the land that we farm on and are good stewards of it, so that it will be there for many future generations. We currently raise Beef, Pork, Lamb, Pastured Chickens and Turkeys and my daughter dabbles a little in the brown egg production. Our Beef is raised on a primarily forage based diet for most of their lives but we do grain finish our animals as our market and customer base seems to prefer it. Our Pork is raised in large, open airy pens with access to fresh air and sunlight. Our Lambs are on grass except for the winter when they are barn raised and fed balage and grain. Our Broiler Chickens and Turkeys are raised on pasture and fed grain as poultry are not ruminants (can't survive on grass alone, they need grain to live) like Lambs and Beef. Our poultry production is seasonal from April to November as they are raised outdoors and wouldn't survive our harsh winters. Laying hens spend the winter in the barn and like the meat chickens are outdoors for most of the year weather permitting. We are BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) and PQA (Pork Quality Assurance) certified producers which is a fancy way of saying we meet some very high quality standards to raise our beef and pork! Our Cattle are NYSCHAP (New York State Cattle Health Assurance Program) certified BVD and John's Free which means we are free of these two common diseases cattle can get. We work very hard to run a VERY CLEAN operation! Our goal with the Natural program is to vaccinate and prevent diseases rather than treat with antibiotics and we place a lot of emphasis on animal health and well being on our farm. Healthy, content, well cared for livestock grow better and we feel taste better in the finished product, whether it be our lamb, beef, chicken, turkey or pork! Our responsibility is to properly care for the livestock, the land and water resources on the farm and in turn they provide us with a means to make a living and raise our family. We are always looking for new markets and opportunities and are trying to grow our operation to allow us a way to raise our family with good hardworking ethics. If you would like more information please contact:

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