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Bit O" Country Ranch raises Grass Fed Beef in rural DePere, WI. We began our "Hobby Farm" with Horses, llamas, goats and Miniture donkeys as pets. We love to see them go out on pasture and enjoy themselves in lush green grass. As we began to learn more about the benefits of Grass Fed Beef, we raised a couple of animals for ourselves and family. As more people heard about this part of our farm they wanted to place orders and so began - our Bit O' Country Beef! We enjoy taking care of the animals in their very natural environment. They are allowed to graze the land and feed themselves a natural grass and legume diet. Our Beef is Organically grown without the use of Antibiotics, Additives or Hormones. We work in harmony with Mother Nature to bring you the best natural beef possible. Grass-Fed Beef is a very healthy alternative compared to Supermarket Beef. It is higher in Omega-3s, and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), and Vitemin E - while being lower in fat and calories! We welcome the opportunity for you to visit the farm and see first hand how your Beef is raised and cared for. Knowing where your food comes is both very rewarding and comforting for many of our customers.

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