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Welcome to Bordeaux Farms - We specialize in naturally raising Beef, Pork and Eggs for our customers directly. We also have our own swarm of honey bees that produce local raw honey. Because our property includes nearly 240 acres of gently rolling hills, wooded trails, lush green pastures, streams, springs and approximately 1 1/2 miles of river frontage, we have the space required to raise healthy animals and superior local products. Whether you�re looking for local dry-aged beef, pastured pork, handmade goats milk soap, or your queen bee rearing- Bordeaux Farms has a little bit of everything you need in Virginia Why Bordeaux Farms? Our love of animals keeps our farm ever expanding into different avenues to make us as close to self sustaining as possible. We value what we do and in turn, it shows in the quality of product that we produce. At Bordeaux Farms you can purchase top of the line meat that was hand raised and cared for. You can buy a dozen fresh eggs that never had to sit on a stock shelf in a grocery store, and you can meet the hard working farmers behind each great product. From the fresh natural beef or pastured pork, to the raw local honey to die for, Bordeaux has it all. We love what we do, and we know quality is your number one choice.

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