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Diamond 5 Farms strives to raise the best tasting, healthiest lamb possible. The lamb you buy from Diamond 5 Farms is grass-fed, free range lamb - NO growth hormone, NO antibiotic, NO GMO's. We use organic methods to raise our sheep on lush pastures. Our farm is located in beautiful Middle TN, close to Nashville. TN and Huntsville, AL. Our lamb is sold by the WHOLE or HALF SHARE. Buy your 2015 Lamb Share today before they are all sold out! Our Lamb is a breed of sheep called Katahdin Hair Sheep The lamb is absolutely delicious - renown for its flavor. Katahdin meat is tender, flavorful and lean - NOT greasy or strong tasting like most wool breeds. So, if you have only tried lamb from New Zealand and Australia, try our Katahdin lamb - you will be in for a treat! Please visit our website for more information.

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