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Dalusa Ranch is a 120 acre ranch located about 70 miles east of Dallas near Emory, TX. We are a small operation, but offer 100% organic grass-fed beef that is raised just as God intended: no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or chemicals are used on the property. We rotate pasture grazing on native Texas grasses. We have two natural ponds for water use. We feel our cows are the most content cows in east Texas! Our start in organic grass-fed beef came from necessity due to illness, and we want to help others to eat healthily. We understand firsthand the importance of chemical-free, natural fresh foods. Our beef is dry aged for 21 days to provide tender tasty beef, and wrapped in cellophane to help avoid contamination of beef with dioxins and phthalates from plastic wrapping. People with severe allergies or history of cancer can appreciate the benefit of our cellophane use. Our butcher in Kaufman, TX will cut meat to your specifications and use vacuum wrap if cellophane is not desired. We have beef cuts available for sale. All sides of beef for 2016 have been reserved. We will take reservations for half sides and half split sides of beef for 2017 . Call us now to reserve your sides of today as we sell out quickly!!!

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