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Canvas Ranch is a highly diverse, sustainable family farm. We grow all kinds of vegetables, some fruits, free-range eggs, herbs, and flowers on our beautiful 28-acre farm just six miles from the coast. We also raise cashmere goats (yes, where cashmere sweaters come from!) and Olde English Babydoll Southdown sheep, a heritage breed of miniature sheep used as organic weeders in orchards and vineyards. Throughout the year we grow many kinds of goodies such as baby lettuces, Asian greens, dry-farmed heirloom tomatoes, succulent squashes, juicy cucumbers, red (and orange) pumpkins, prized culinary and medicinal herbs, Marionberries, Seascape strawberries, Asian pears, and lots and lots of other wonderful things. We are members of Fibershed and our wool is made into sumptuous pillows and comforters.

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