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We at Black Bell Acres, here in the Ozarks, have a diverse farm. Here one can see Dorper/ Kathadin Grass-Fed Lamb, Scottish Highland Cattle, Registered Alpine Dairy Goats and a team of Percheron Draft Horses grazing peacefully with each other. All animals are raised the gentle way. Most of them are tame and easy to handle. It's our goal to create a stress free and happy enviroment for them. They are raised on pasture with very little input, just minerals, salt and kelp. We breed for hardiness, parasite resistence and worm only if needed. One more reason why we added the Savanna blood into out herd. Our free range chickens can roam with ducks and geese all over. They give us fresh eggs with large orange yolks in return. We offer Fresh Eggs, goats and sheep on the hoof as well as breeding stock and fresh raw goats milk. You can also get USDA inspected lamb by the lb. in the late summer. For more information about raw milk you may visit some of these web sites. Our farm is located just 6 miles west of Alton in Oregon County. Come by and spend an afternoon at the Farm.

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