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Crane Crest Farm raises 100% grass-fed beef, soy-free pastured pork, soy-free free-range hens/eggs, and pastured goose. We raise our animals on pasture for three main reasons. First, pasture-raised meat just tastes better, hands down. Second, we raise animals on pasture for the health of our land. Last, and maybe most importantly, we raise our animals on pasture for the health benefits it gives to the animals and to us when we eat the meat produced. BEEF: We rotationally graze our beef to keep them growing and healthy. They are 100% grass-fed and sold by the cut. PORK: Our pigs are raised in our woods where they have full-time access to pasture and are given a daily ration of soy-free, local, organically grown grains. EGGS: Our laying hens eat certified organic soy-free feed ration while having daily access to fresh pasture. They have free roam of our 5 acres and forage for a majority of their diet spring through fall. GOOSE: Our geese receive a certified organic soy-free feed ration for four weeks when they are goslings. Once they are old enough to be outside on their own, 100% of their diet is provided by pasture. It takes them a little longer to reach a mature, slaughtering weight without eating grain, but the meat is tastier and healthier.

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