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We are a family operated business centered on sustainable agriculture since 1958. We sell a wide range of small livestock listed below, rabbit feed, honey and mangos when in season. We are USDA Licensed and Accredited. We are not a petting zoo, however there are several near us if you are interested in visiting them and many are owned and managed by charitable institutions which raise funds for very good causes. Livestock: Rabbits breeds Californians- not always available New Zealands- not always available Mini-Satins- - not always available Dwarfs Mini- Rexes Mini-Lops Lionheads Dutch Dwarf Hotos and many more! Poultry* Ameraucanas Rhode Island Reds Cornish Jersey Giants Blacks Red Broilers Barred rocks Criollos (Mixed Lot Florida Chickens) ......and other meat/dual purpose birds by the season. Peacocks and peahens* Whites, Black shoulders and Blues Goats- mixed breed lot, dual purpose, bred for temperament size and parasite resistance. For consumption*: Frozen rabbits (For Dogs/Cats Only) Eggs Mangos (Seasonal) Honey $6 a jar Rabbit feed $5 a bag and previously owned cages available for sale. * Varies with seasonal availability. **We also have organic fertilizer and rabbit feed! We ship most of our products and sell on site. Wholesale purchase receives discounts. ***Se habla espanol!

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