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Coastal Hill Farm is a small poultry farm in the hills of Petaluma, California. Founded by Bobby Foehr, a Poultry Science major at Cal Poly Tech University, who has a family ranching background. He along with a couple employees, run the farm year round producing excellent eggs and hens for laying. Having Cert. Organic Pastures, the chickens are allowed Free Range of the farm to forage. Coastal Hill Farm is also Certified Humane. All chickens are grown on site from day 1. No antibiotics, and no hormones/stimulants are used. The birds are fed organic barley grown as fodder (grass), an all vegetarian diet (of corn, soybean, and alfalfa), and allowed full access to eat pasture and bugs. Coastal Hill Farm follows traditional Petaluma egg ranching with mobile and stationary coops with full access to outside. The birds are treated as natural as possible (never being forced to molt). Having many different breeds of chickens, Coastal Hill Farm, produces multicolored eggs (green, blue, white, & brown). All eggs are fresh delivered within 4 days of being laid. Check out our website, and place an order today! We also have PORK products, and products from our Organic Garden. Everything grown onsite at Coastal Hill Farm in Petaluma, Ca. Please call today for pricing!!

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